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A Japanese dwarf flying squirrel with her babies

She looks so solicitous in the second picture.
Like, “Why hello, human. May I help you?”

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Fall in love with someone who wants you, who waits for you. who understands you even in the madness; someone who helps you, and guides you, someone who is your support, your hope. fall in love with someone who talks with you after a fight. Fall in love with someone who misses you and wants to be with you. Do not fall in love only with a body or with a face; or with the idea of being in love

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Yes, I do enjoy walking at night. The world’s more to my liking then, not so loud, not so fast, not so crowded, and a good deal more mysterious.

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Sleep tries to seduce me by promising a more reasonable tomorrow.

—Elizabeth Smart, By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept (via targaryaens)

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Imagine me; I shall not exist if you do not imagine me.

Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita (via goghst)

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